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The History of The Riverside Inn

The Riverside Inn was originally a farmhouse built sometime in the early 1800sOur research of the Riverside Inn's history is ongoing, so this page will be continually updated as we learn more and more about the property. If anyone reading this can help with any information or old pictures, we would love to hear from you. You will see many of the names that have been associated with the property are echoed in place and road names around Stowe.


The Riverside Inn 1945The Riverside Inn was originally a farmhouse built sometime in the early 1800s, when Vermont was a rural farming community. The earliest documentation relating to the property we have found shows it was sold by Elisha Cady to Asa Luce in 1836 for $50!

Over the next 100 years the property passed through the hands of the Gales, Bigelows, Ayres and Kittles and to the Warners in 1945.


The Rutledge family purchased the lodge in 1952 and renamed it the Rutledge Lodge.The earliest time we know it was used as a Lodge is during the early 1940s , a period when tourism began to replace farming as the main economy. The Lodge was then bought by the Teffners in 1947 and operated by them until 1952.

It was then purchased by the Rutledge family and renamed the Rutledge Lodge.




In 1972 the lodge was purchased again and renamed the Golden Kitz.In 1972, Phil and Margee Jones arrived in Stowe from Philadelphia with their two young children. They purchased the Rutledge Lodge, christening it the Golden Kitz. Sadly, Phil died shortly after their arrival, but Margee continued to run "The Kitz" until her own death in the mid-1990's. During her reign, the Kitz became one of Stowe's best-known Lodges. Everyone we have spoken to who knew Margee has a colorful tale to tell and by all accounts, a whole book could be written about the property under her stewardship.


The Riverside Inn TodayAnd most recently in 1997, the property was bought by the Bartlett family (that's us!). We first came to Stowe from our home in England for the skiing, and found we just kept coming back. When other business commitments pointed towards a permanent move to the US, we knew exactly where we wanted to settle down.


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